Private Equity

TP Finans is a seriel investor in the Capital Markets with focus on FinTech


TP Finans is a Private Equity investor

We are an independent Private Equity firm with focus on FinTech busineses and Capital Markets, and we work together with private and institutional companies and groups in both Europe and North America.

Our team have considerable experience in the FinTech sector as well as the Capital Market in regards to issuance of Shares and Corporate Bonds, Listing on Stock Exchanges, in Advising and Raising Capital, in M&A, in companies’ Restructuring Strategy and in Business Development.

When we invest in companies, we become part of a Partnership culture and encourage Long-term Relationships.

Investment Focus

TP Finans has the following focus on it’s investments

Listing on Stock Exchange

We always have a target of getting our investment listed on international stock exchanges.
FinTech Sector
We have great experience and speciality in FinTech investments.
Mergers & Acquisitions

We help navigate emerging opportunities, including realigning capital structure and business development when needed.
Blockchain Sector

We have a stronge believe in the benefit of the blockchain, and this is becoming a bigger investment target. 


We have a great network within Europe for the purpose of getting our investment companies listed on an European Stock Exchange in order for the business to attract further capital as well as liquidating our investments.

We have experience with the the folllowing European stock exchanges;

Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Düsseldorf Stock Exchange
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Wiener Stock Exchange
Nordic Growth Market

Meet Us

We recognize the best way forward is to meet us, where we can go through the status of your business, and together agree on a plan forward to realize the goals. 

We know its great to set and have larger goals, but we focus on setting realizable goals in the short-  and mid term period.

To setup a meeting, just go to the Contact section, and we will shortly get back.

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